Before You Submit Your Helpdesk Request

Take These Self-Service Steps

Troubleshooting your own issues isn’t frowned upon by your helpdesk; many times it’s appreciated. However, you shouldn’t spend all day trying to solve your own issues.

Here are four common troubleshooting steps you can easily take before you submit a ticket:

  1. Ask around to see if the issue is unique to you; if not, has the other person solved the issue
  2. Do a basic search online to see if someone else has encountered and resolved the issue
  3. Quit and restart the application where the issue occurred
  4. Reboot your device

If none of these steps solve the issue, then submit your helpdesk ticket. Also, always tell your helpdesk team what troubleshooting steps you’ve taken (if any) and the documentation you’ve found during your search. Even if the fix you tried didn’t work, you may have been on the right track. This will ensure your helpdesk can build off your work, while not wasting time retracing your steps.


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