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Admissions: S25 and Grade 8 students

Admissions Instructions:


  • As per Ministry requirement, S25 is not required for students moving to the next grade level from one school year to another.


  • S25 is not required for grade 8 students transferring to YCDSB secondary school. However, S25 are required for students leaving our board.


Please contact the Admissions office if you have any questions regarding the requirements for S25.


2017-06-12 11:41

Google Blogger Not in App Drawer

Google has decided to remove Blogger App Drawer (App Tray)
If you go to, you can log in and use Blogger without any issues.
It said on the site use the new Blogger.
You also get a pop-up from the App Drawer if I want to add a shortcut now.
Inline image 1
2017-05-04 07:54

May 2017 Tech Express!


More information: May 2017 Tech Express
2017-05-02 18:46

Attention: Gmail Phishing Attack

The Phishing Attack: What you need to know

A new highly effective phishing technique targeting Gmail and other services has been gaining popularity during the past year among attackers. Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of experienced technical users being hit by this.

This attack is currently being used to target Gmail customers and is also targeting other services.

The way the attack works is that an attacker will send an email to your Gmail account. That email may come from someone you know who has had their account hacked using this technique. It may also include something that looks like an image of an attachment you recognize from the sender.

You click on the image, expecting Gmail to give you a preview of the attachment. Instead, a new tab opens up and you are prompted by Gmail to sign in again. You glance at the location bar and you see in there. It looks like this….

Once you sign in 

The attackers log in to your account immediately once they get the credentials, and they use one of your actual attachments, along with one of your actual subject lines, and send it to people in your contact list.

How to protect yourself

When you sign in to any service, check the browser location bar and verify the protocol, then verify the hostname. It should look like this in Chrome when signing into Gmail or Google:

Gmail phishing secure URI example

Make sure there is nothing before the hostname ‘’ other than ‘https://’ and the lock symbol. You should also take special note of the green color and lock symbol that appears on the left. If you can’t verify the protocol and verify the hostname, stop and consider what you just clicked on to get to that sign-in page.


2017-01-13 08:46

IEP Help is Here!

IEP help is now here!  

Please click on the Category on the left hand side of the screen


More information: IEP Help is Here!
2016-09-22 09:19

Google Help

More information: Click Here for Google Self Service Help
2016-09-20 08:25

Google Classroom

More information: Google Classroom
2016-09-20 08:25

I Forgot My Password

Click on the link below


Forgot your password

More information: I forgot my Password
2016-09-20 08:25

Microsoft Office 2016 Install for all Staff (Home or BYOD Devices Only)

Microsoft Office Experience

Get the fully installed Office experience on 5 PCs or Macs

Microsoft Office 2016 Install Instructions

2016-09-01 16:22

Welcome Back!

2016-08-29 11:18

How to search the new YCDSB HELP!


Phone: 1-888-767-4778    

Speed Dial: 10599

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm

2016-08-23 19:54

Training for Google Apps

Say hello to the new Training for Google Apps! 

Following our acquisition by Google, we’re excited to share that Synergyse Training for Google Apps now has a new name -- Training for Google Apps -- as well as a brand new logo.

What is Training for Google Apps?

Designed to be simple and efficient, Training for Google Apps is a new interactive in-app learning experience to help users get quickly up and running with Google Apps. Built on the Google Cloud Platform, Training for Google Apps acts like a virtual coach inside of the Google Apps interface. Users have access to voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within any of the Google Apps products, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Google+, and even Classroom.

More information: Training for Google Apps
2016-07-21 09:55

MacBook Printing Fix

Below are the steps that are required to fix the printing solution on your MacBook.  Please note you will need to be logged in at the school with your computer login:




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2016-06-29 11:51

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