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Slow Login


Good Morning Everyone,

We have heard reports that some users are experiencing slowness during the login.  The reports began coming in last week.   We are aware of the issue and are looking into it.  Many systems and application are being changed over the summer, thus finding the root cause may take some time.  I will keep everyone updated as we find out more information.  In some instance, simply powering the machine down, and restarting may speed up the login process.
Thanks, Everyone for your patience.  Please share this information as needed.
2018-07-10 09:21

Current Employees - Location Change


If you are an employee who is changing locations, your computer account information will automatically update on August 1st, 2018. This will apply to accounts such as SAP, Maplewood, Google and your Computer Login and Network Drives.



More information: System Memo #41
2018-06-21 11:01

Retiring Employees - 15 Day Access

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement


Please note that you will have access to your Google account for 15 days after your official retirement date. This means that if your retirement date is June 30th, your Google account is available until July 15th.  The link below provides step by step instructions on how to save Google Drive files to a personal computer.


Please be sure to share any documents with your co-workers/administration that might be needed in the future. Your co-worker should make a copy and add the documents to their own Google Drive.  


Please keep in mind that confidential information such as student records should not be transferred to your personal account.


How to move and save files



More information: System Memo #41
2018-06-21 11:00

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